Topic-icon 3D printed universal case for OpenHC UEM module

14 Aug 2015 21:17 #1 von simonjo
This 3D printed case can hold an OpenHC UEM module, it is 45mm wide, 54mm long and 18mm high (1mod).

It can be placed
1) in a wall box (unterputz)
2) with a DIN rail mounting bracket standing on a DIN rail, occupying 1 mod width

There is an indication where to drill a hole to insert a LED that can be connected to the UEM's single output.

The case can be stacked in 1 mod increments (18mm) and/or closed with a lid.

The sample on the photo's is printed in PLA (PolyLactic Acid, bio-degradable) from the attached *.stl files, the scaling of the files is 10 to 1 (10 units = 1mm).
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