Aktuelle Beiträge - PHC-Forum https://phc-forum.de Wed, 26 Sep 2018 05:18:37 +0200 Kunena Forum (Joomla) de-de xPhcLog, log events on the PHC module bus - von : apollon9 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1208 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1208 maybe i was just too dumb! I always clicked the button containing tie "i", which is obviously just a preview... no preview with zip files! The "kinked letter" icon should be clicked instead.. :-D
Thanks, everyone!]]>
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xPhcLog, log events on the PHC module bus - von : Jürgen https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1207 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1207

I tried to open the attachment (message from simonjo - 24.09. 11:02) - and I could download it.

It's a fact, that there are not all File-Extensions are allowed. But for example .ZIP is a valid extension. I just added a .RASPI-Extension for you (please test it).

Could you work with this or are there any other problems that I didn't understood?

Visualisierung Tue, 25 Sep 2018 15:22:22 +0200
xPhcLog, log events on the PHC module bus - von : simonjo https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1206 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1206 Visualisierung Mon, 24 Sep 2018 23:37:54 +0200 xPhcLog, log events on the PHC module bus - von : apollon9 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1205 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1205 thank you very much in advance - unfortunetely, i cannot load the attachment, i only get a message by this website that "the requested content cannot be loaded". This is the same with all of your attachments while i can see those of others (pictures).
Is there any other way you could send me the script?
Best regards,
Visualisierung Mon, 24 Sep 2018 22:56:56 +0200
Rollladen steuern über Sonne und Aussentemperatur - von : zzoemie https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/allgemeine-themen/169-rollladen-steuern-ueber-sonne-und-aussentemperatur#1204 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/allgemeine-themen/169-rollladen-steuern-ueber-sonne-und-aussentemperatur#1204
I did that too, and i've used a temp sensor from Jumo ovre the analog mod from Peha.
Works like a charm.]]>
Allgemeine Themen Mon, 24 Sep 2018 12:01:05 +0200
xPhcLog, log events on the PHC module bus - von : simonjo https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1203 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1203
Here is the latest xPhcLog for Raspberry PI, just unzip it and run:

./xphclogd.raspi -?

This will show you the options for selection com port or external IP/RS485 convertor.

mvg, Jo]]>
Visualisierung Mon, 24 Sep 2018 11:02:43 +0200
xPhcLog, log events on the PHC module bus - von : apollon9 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1202 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/visualisierung/51-xphclog-log-events-on-the-phc-module-bus?start=90#1202 i try to catch some messages from my PHC 952JRM while interacting with its wirelless enocean gateway (941FU) - but everything seems confusing. I have a digitus RS-485 adapter, not sure if it is sufficient to catch up with bus speed.
Maybe your script could help a lot to read, understand, and later send "fake" messages to the shutter controller pretending to be the wireless gateway.
I could not download your script from the forum, perhaps you may attach it again or send me a private message?
Many thanks!
Visualisierung Sat, 22 Sep 2018 22:13:39 +0200