Aktuelle Diskussionen - PHC-Forum https://phc-forum.de Thu, 02 Apr 2020 09:18:58 +0200 PHC-Forum de-de Reviving OpenHC ?! - von : GunterO https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/phc-installation/187-reviving-openhc#1445 https://phc-forum.de/index.php/forum/phc-installation/187-reviving-openhc#1445 I just found this thread, in search for self-build PHC modules, and want to build some OpenHC modules, because everything is open source, even the PCB layout.
Can you tell me a bit more about those Bopla cases? Do you have a model name/number? What do you mean with "unless you might buy a lot of them". How many? :-)
You are redesigning the PCB to fit another case? Which case? Willing to share the schematics/PCB eventually?
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